Our vision is to be a leading training provider both locally and nationally, enhancing the already strong reputation of TMET. Within our Mead schools and across the region, The Mead Institute works alongside all staff, post 16 students (ITT, apprentices etc) and volunteers, providing them with the professional development they need to progress in their chosen careers/roles and to have job satisfaction.

Our Priorities

Quality of Education: To provide learners with the best possible educational opportunities in order meet their full potential.

Civic Responsibility: To make a significant difference to the educational landscape.

People: To deliver a high-performing, skilled and engaged workforce.

Our guiding principals

  • Cognitive theory of learning, based on Rosenshine’s Principle of Instruction, will underpin the pupil-focused professional development offer.
  • Professional development will be supported by mentoring and coaching.
  • Our inclusive approach will encompass all staff and volunteers.
  • Best practice and industry frameworks will underpin our programmes and approaches.
  • The Institute will drive TMET’s approach to internal talent and succession planning.
  • It will establish career development routes and frameworks for all employees.
  • Where possible training will lead to recognised accreditation.
  • We will seek out the best of the best nationally and internationally.